Classic is back….

The vinyl version of Luke Solomon’s new single “Interceptor” was rolled out earlier this month and if you thought our version, sans vocals, was a little bit light then now’s your chance to bag the vocal version, exclusive to the digital release.

The whole package includes versions by Derrick Carter and Mark E and is also Luke and Derrick’s first appearance on the same release, so you can’t really go wrong in our opinion.  It’s all available at the usual online spots including the Defected website.

Here’s a short preview of our mix…

If that’s not enough for you then you may direct your web browsers to the Classic website and bag yourself a mix we’ve put together for them.  They were also a little curious as to who exactly we are so the accompanying interview will hopefully assuage the public’s desire to delve into the personalities of the people behind their favourite tunes.

Track Listing:
01. Jamie Lloyd ‘Beware Of The Light’
02. Deepchild ‘Bearded Hyph’
03. Julio Bashmoore ‘ Everyone Needs A Theme Tune’
04. Fantastic Mr Fox ‘Sepia Song’
05. Robag Wrume ‘Dopamin’
06. Deepchild ‘Stripjoint Mathematics’
07. Littlefoot ‘Great Dark Spot’
08. Sepalcure ‘Everyday Of My Life’ (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
09. Joy Orbison ‘The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow’
10. Tehran Maistry ‘Colour Me Deep’
11. Machinedrum ‘ Make Me’
12. Hackman ‘Your Face Is Pulling My Hair’
13.Joy Orbison ‘Wade In’
14. Instra:mental ‘Voyeur’
15. George Fitzgerald ‘Don’t You’
16. Roska ‘Abrupt’
17. Mosca ‘Tilt Shift’ (Julio Bashmoore Remix)
18. Joe Goddard ‘Gabriel’ (Seiji Remix)
19. Erdbeerschnitzel ‘Ein Tag Namens Highke’
20. Will Saul & Mike Monday ‘Sequence 1’ (Scuba Remix)
21. Luke Solomon ‘Interceptor’ (Kamo Remix)
Aaliyah ‘One In A Million’ (Acapella)


Interceptor remix digital release…

Today we saw the digital release of the remix work we did for Luke Solomon. Classic Music Company first released “Interceptor” on 12″ vinyl on September 12 which featured an instrumental version of our remix (vinyl only that one) along with versions from Derrick Carter and Mark E. The digital release sees our vocal version hit the airwaves and you can pick it up at all the usual suspects… Beatport, Juno, Tracksource, Defected included a nice little blurb about the release and had this to say about our mix:

” Manchester duo Kamo provide a remix so unclassifiable that it is instantly and uniquely ‘classic’ ”

Recently this type of comment has popped up quite frequently and it’s been one that we find blissfully odd. Without a doubt it’s flattering to hear comments indicating that our work sounds ‘original’, a complement I’m sure the majority of musicians would love to hear. Putting a finger on how our music sounds the way it does is pretty difficult for us. For example, Teshno.com asked us in our interview “what’s going through your head when you make tunes?”, in actual fact we find it near impossible to sit down and write a tune that ‘sounds like this/that’, we’ve tried and eventually somewhere down the line it takes a turn. To sit down and say “let’s make a techno tune” and follow that through from beginning to end is pretty unlikely, and personally I’d feel that process takes away from our ‘journey’ in the studio. We hope you like what we did with Luke Solomon’s “Interceptor”… original? unclassifiable? hard to pin down? Whatever! Just bounce to that shit…


bought some new music…

I freaked out the other day when I saw Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester closed down – I thought, “Goddamn not another record store gone!” – thankfully it looks like they’re just relocating, at least that’s what their Facebook page says. So, since I can’t pop in and see what Eastern Bloc are holding and we’ve got a mix for Classic that needs gettin’ done asap, I done bought me a few WAV’s online. In no particular order here’s a bunch of tunes that we were into:

Track Artist Label
Don’t You George Fitzgerald Hotflush Recordings
Archive Made Up Sound Clone Basement Series
Being With You (Part 1) C.R.S.T Deep Thrills
Vision 2K (feat. Didz) (Part 1) C.R.S.T Deep Thrills
You Are Wild (Part 2) C.R.S.T Deep Thrills
The Let Down George Fitzgerald Hotflush Recordings
Analies Hypno Teal Recordings
Sunkin’ Hypno Teal Recordings
Gabriel (Compound One Remix) Joe Goddard Greco-Roman
The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Original Mix) Joy Orbison AUS Music
Can’t U Get A Grip?! Missing Linkx Philpot Records
Parking Garage Politics (Loco Dice Remix) Paperclip People Planet E
Abrupt Roska Hotflush Recordings
Every Day Of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix) Sepalcure Hotflush Recordings
Love Pressure (Faulty DL Remix) Sepalcure Hotflush Recordings
Good Love (Original Mix) Sleepyhead Party Guy Records
I Need It (Fantastic Man’s Electric Boogaloo Remix) The Francis Inferno Orchastra Join The Dots Music
Sequence 1 (Scuba remix) Will Saul & Mike Monday AUS Music

Bought from Boomkat and Beatport


interview and mix put up by teshno.com…

The lovely people at teshno have decided we’re worth hearing about and have put up an interview with a recent mix. I think we were supposed to send through some photos of ourselves but I guess if you read the interview you’ll find out just how poor we are at promoting ourselves. Sorry teshno – please accept our public apology… and our thanks for caring about who we are and what we do.

btw if you’re into techno type music and stuff, teshno deserves a bookmark on yer browsa bruv… blap!


our first vinyl release…

I guess it’s every dj’s dream to one day be pressed to vinyl, at least it’s been ours for a long time. Well it’s finally happened. The lovely people over at Classic Recordings have just released Luke Solomon’s latest single “Interceptor” featuring remixes from Derrick Carter, Mark E, and yep, you guessed it: Kamo. We’ve always dreamed of being pressed to vinyl but we never thought it would happen with such an established label and never thought it would be next to the likes of Luke Solomon, Derrick Carter or Mark E…!!!!!!

Cruise down the page a little to “the smell of vinyl” post or hit this link.


S… S… Studio…

We were boys when we began our world-wide musical journey. Today, we are men. Men who drew plans and looked forward into the future. Men who saw a vacant space and imagined “what could be”. Men who took raw materials and cut, drilled and moulded them into something functional. Men who bought moderately priced power tools. Men who saw their dreams become reality…

That’s right, with some personnel changes at home we scrapped the bedroom studio and moved into our own dedicated space. Over the years we’ve had basement studios, bedroom studios, caravan studios!! Now we’ve got The Studio. Check out the pics…

Our old bedroom studio

Some progress pics building our new studio

The finished product



We’ve been googling! The fruits of said googles can be sampled below.

1. Our track “I Have You” was included in Beatport’s 10 must hear chill out(?) tracks of the month. Chill out’s as good a name as any I guess. Check it out here.

2.  “I Have You” was also featured on one our favourite radio shows/podcasts/mix series of all time, the mighty Ninja Tune lead Solid Steel. Download or stream the podcast here.

3. Our track “Gin ‘n’ Wine” from the same EP was also featured in X-Press 2’s “House Of X-Press” radio show which you can hear here.

Here Here!

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