trendy mullets…

We’re back! It’s been a lengthy (if not unannounced and altogether unplanned) hiatus for the blog but after a few months of actual music making we’ve come crawling back for a rather exciting (for us) announcement.

Our first song was released today via the adorably titled Trendy Mullet Recordings. It’s called “Roadblocks” and if you go to Beatport.com you can purchase it along with a quartet of lovingly crafted remixes and re-edits.
On remixing duties are The Quirk Burglars, otherwise known as the proprietors of the Trendy Mullet empire, Marcus Aurelius of Soul Fuel Recordings and Toka Project, who is one half of gloriously boompty house duo The Inland Knights. Also on board is our original (der!) and a mix friendly edit of the original for those who like to play their records on top of one another.

There are audio samples on Beatport, but if you prefer to hear a whole track before purchasing it (a wise move), then the Soundcloud player below will help.

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

2 Responses to “trendy mullets…”

  1. 1 Joel
    June 23, 2010 at 4:26 am

    G’day lads, welcome back, its good to see you are in fine musical form! You’ve put together a funky little head-nodding track here. Very nice! The remixes are pretty cool as well. When are you guys going to drop another Bankwell mix up? Looking forward to some more output from you guys soon!

  2. June 24, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Someone press these boys some vinyl!! Love your new track on the Cloud – lovely stuff lads. Lot’s going on here in SYD, I’ll keep you both posted..


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