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Interceptor remix digital release…

Today we saw the digital release of the remix work we did for Luke Solomon. Classic Music Company first released “Interceptor” on 12″ vinyl on September 12 which featured an instrumental version of our remix (vinyl only that one) along with versions from Derrick Carter and Mark E. The digital release sees our vocal version hit the airwaves and you can pick it up at all the usual suspects… Beatport, Juno, Tracksource, Defected included a nice little blurb about the release and had this to say about our mix:

” Manchester duo Kamo provide a remix so unclassifiable that it is instantly and uniquely ‘classic’ ”

Recently this type of comment has popped up quite frequently and it’s been one that we find blissfully odd. Without a doubt it’s flattering to hear comments indicating that our work sounds ‘original’, a complement I’m sure the majority of musicians would love to hear. Putting a finger on how our music sounds the way it does is pretty difficult for us. For example, asked us in our interview “what’s going through your head when you make tunes?”, in actual fact we find it near impossible to sit down and write a tune that ‘sounds like this/that’, we’ve tried and eventually somewhere down the line it takes a turn. To sit down and say “let’s make a techno tune” and follow that through from beginning to end is pretty unlikely, and personally I’d feel that process takes away from our ‘journey’ in the studio. We hope you like what we did with Luke Solomon’s “Interceptor”… original? unclassifiable? hard to pin down? Whatever! Just bounce to that shit…

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